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BrickSpy is here to help you get the best deal and find the historic pricing information for all Lego products from the top retailers.

Comparative Analysis Made Simple

We perform real-time comparisons of LEGO set prices across top retailers. With just a few clicks, users can access a comprehensive list of retailers offering the desired LEGO sets, along with their corresponding prices. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that you make an informed decision, securing the best possible deal without scouring multiple websites manually.

Stay Ahead with Price Alerts

LEGO set prices can fluctuate unexpectedly. Missing out on a price drop could mean paying more than necessary for your coveted sets. Brickspy.co.uk eliminates this concern by offering a convenient price alert system. Users can set up personalized alerts for specific LEGO sets, specifying their desired price threshold. Once the set price drops below the defined limit, users receive instant notifications via email or push notifications, allowing them to capitalize on the opportunity promptly.

Currently tracking 1418 LEGO™ UK sets.

We compare more retailers than any other site, our spies currently track:

Disney Store
Wowow Toys

+ more coming soon

We compare more retailers than any other LEGO site and our spies check twice per day and compare prices for you.

BrickSpy helps LEGO enthusiasts find the best possible prices for LEGO sets. BrickSpy lets you easily compare LEGO prices and stay up to date on offers and discounts.

BrickSpy is in no way associated, authorised, sponsored or endorsed by the LEGO Company.
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We also offer a mailing list and will send the latest price drops for your chosen products.

We check every product, every day, add any new products and update all existing products in our catalogue.

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