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A LEGO Twilight Set Is Finally Becoming a Reality

Finally, finally, Twilight fans are getting the merch they truly deserve: an official LEGO Twilight set, depicting the Cullen household.

Today, LEGO revealed two new fan creations that are going to become a LEGO reality in the near future, including the Twilight set. While we don’t know what the final official product will be, the fan design by Nick Micheels (LobsterThermidor) is a replica of the Cullen household, including a brick-built werewolf and minifigs of Bella, Edward, Jacob (shirtless, obviously), and Carlisle.


While the house outside is gorgeous on its own with the numerous massive windows and big tree outside, the inside of the house design has tons of detail too. The fan design includes the room Bella gives birth in complete with medical equipment, baseball glove and bat for a vampire baseball game, a piano for Edward to play Bella’s lullaby on, and absolutely no beds. It’s impressive stuff.

The first film in the series, Twilight, came out in 2008, and the book it’s based on its even older, having been first published in 2005. But the Twilight films in particular have seen a renaissance during the pandemic, with many people cozying up to the vampire romance during lockdown and recharging the fandom in subsequent years. That’s probably why we’re seeing interest in a Twilight LEGO set now of all times, particularly at a time when we’re not exactly seeing a rash of brand-new official Twilight merch otherwise.

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